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Why work at JamFit?

We treat our team members like family and want to make sure they feel respected, valued, and appreciated for their time and energy! Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. We guarantee that. In this role, you will be working alongside a great team!

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Yoga Instructor

We are looking for a qualified and experienced yoga instructor who understands the history, philosophy, and ethics of yoga. The yoga instructor is in charge of correctly performing yoga postures, utilizing right terminology, and safely guiding students through the flow of the practice. You should also be knowledgeable about the chakra system and how to meditate mindfully. 

To be a successful yoga instructor at JamFit, you must have good interpersonal and communication skills in order to develop relationships and lead yoga classes. Your enthusiasm for health and wellbeing, as well as your understanding of anatomy and physiology, will assure your success


  • Conduct and lead yoga classes.

  • Visually assess students to determine their level of practice.

  • Assist students to achieve precise alignment.

  • Demonstrate expertise in yoga practice and techniques.

  • Transform energy during the warm-up, build-up and cool-down stages.

  • Motivate students with words of encouragement.

  • Connect with students during the yoga classes through fun, intelligent sequencing.

  • Offer training recommendations to improve the practice of yoga for participant

  • Engage in administrative duties related to the yoga classes.


Requirements and skills

  • Yoga certification with Yoga Alliance.

  • Minimum of 200 hours of experience is an asset

  • CPR/First Aid certification.

  • Education or experience in health and fitness is preferable.

  • The art of teaching the Vinyasa Flow.

  • Knowledge of the Chakra System, Pranayama, mantra and mindful meditation.

  • Business and administration skills.


Hours: Part Time

Salary: negotiable 

Additionally, we offer:

  • Flexible hours

  • Smoke-free environment

  • Use of studio for personal training and skill-building

  • Opportunities for paid development and training

  • COVID protocols in full effect

  • Bonus and long term incentive plans


We're always looking for energetic and exciting people to join our team. Let's connect!

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