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Why work at JamFit?

We treat our team members like family and want to make sure they feel respected, valued, and appreciated for their time and energy! Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. We guarantee that. In this role, you will be working alongside a great team!

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Fitness Coach

Fitness Coaches are in charge of informing clients and implementing policies about equipment safety and correct use. Individuals in this job must be able to create, document, and implement one-on-one, partner, or group fitness programs that are tailored to clients' requirements and goals. This individual must be able to teach clients fundamental exercise physiology as well as proper lifting and workout practices. This person will be familiar with all fitness floor policies and will be able to explain why they are in place to a varied range of patrons.


  • Evaluate clients’ fitness levels and health conditions

  • Build individualized exercise programs  

  • Explain exercises in detail and suggest alternatives if needed

  • Monitor progress of clients’ fitness levels 

  • Explain safe and proper use of gym equipment

  • Lead both individual and group training sessions

  • Research on new exercise techniques and trends

  • Promote the gym’s fitness packages and plans

  • Perform CPR and administer first aid in case of emergencies

  • Inform clients about on gym safety and hygiene guidelines

  • Build a positive and trusting relationship with customers 

  • Advise customers on how to change nutritional and lifestyle habits as needed

  • Evaluating customers’ physical needs

  • Assigning appropriate exercise activities

  • Track customers’ fitness progress


Requirements and skills

  • Previous experience as a personal trainer or relevant role

  • Knowledge of various fitness programs, from basic exercises to more challenging training sessions

  • Ability to guide and motivate clients

  • Available to work flexible hours

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Certificates in CPR and First Aid

  • High School Diploma; a degree in Kinesiology or Sports Science is a plus

  • Certified as a personal trainer


Hours: Part Time

Salary: negotiable 

Additionally, we offer:

  • Flexible hours

  • Smoke-free environment

  • Use of studio for personal training and skill-building

  • Opportunities for paid development and training

  • COVID protocols in full effect

  • Bonus and long term incentive plans


We're always looking for energetic and exciting people to join our team. Let's connect!

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